Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not The Worst Pain Ever....

Today is a beautiful day and Moxie and I eagerly headed out for our first run in a while without pushing Laura. At about 1/2 mile, my left ankle/shin started hurting. Certainly not the worst pain ever (that list goes: 1. childbirth 2. falling down the stairs and spraining my ankle 3. my car accident 4. falling while running track and standing up with no skin on either knee) but it definitely did not feel good. I can't tell what the primary problem is though. I think my ankle is acting up because it has a lot less range of motion than usual, and perhaps that is causing my shin to feel tight. I stopped running and tried to move my ankle around and stretch it out, but that HURT! I started again and stopped at 3/4 miles and gimped it all the way home. What a let down. My breathing felt great and I was imagining a 2+mile day.

I realized I didn't write about my last two runs: 2 miles each on Saturday and Monday.

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