Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Been A HOT Summer

I've been running here and there, and I see it's been more than a month since I've blogged about it! None of my runs have been anything to speak of, and some of them have been as pathetic as a measly 1/2 mile before I crap out and head home. I'm happy to say though that I've started doing the 30 Day Shred again. Monday and Wednesday I ran about 8 minutes, and then did the "shred" routine. Given how sore I am, I'd say my muscles definitely had gone flabby again! It's so fascinating to me how someone can be a runner but not have much in the way of muscles (or at least that's how I am).

My arms look better already, but I really feel like there's no hope for my abs. At the very least, I like to think that I'm setting a good example for my daughter. I love that she sees me panting and sweating and generally torturing myself...I want exercise to just be a fact of life for her, and I think I'm achieving that goal, which is awesome.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not So Smart

92 degrees. 11am. No breakfast. No water. Just got back from Wal-Mart. Humidity is like a lead vest pressing down on you. Let's go for a run!

Did 1 mile in 9:41. I'm an idiot.

Past runs:

5/31-10:15-1 mile
6/2-16:08-1.65 miles, 9:47 pace
6/6-11:57-1.25 miles, 9:35 pace
6/8-10:44-1.1 miles, 9:46 pace

I hate the summer.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Week

Runs this week:

5/25-1.66 miles, 9:59 pace
5/27-1.60 miles, 9:46 pace
5/29-1.61 miles, 9:59 pace

Each one was's hot and HUMID!

Friday, April 16, 2010

After Work Run

I didn't get home from work until almost 7pm today, so the sun was mostly down and the weather was pleasant enough (a mere 83 degrees plus some stickiness). I was definitely tired since working at a bank means you are on your feet a lot of the day. I did 1.51 miles with no walking so I was definitely happy with that. My left ankle and shin were tight again but nowhere near as bad as yesterday. My pace was 10:02, not great but I'll take it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not The Worst Pain Ever....

Today is a beautiful day and Moxie and I eagerly headed out for our first run in a while without pushing Laura. At about 1/2 mile, my left ankle/shin started hurting. Certainly not the worst pain ever (that list goes: 1. childbirth 2. falling down the stairs and spraining my ankle 3. my car accident 4. falling while running track and standing up with no skin on either knee) but it definitely did not feel good. I can't tell what the primary problem is though. I think my ankle is acting up because it has a lot less range of motion than usual, and perhaps that is causing my shin to feel tight. I stopped running and tried to move my ankle around and stretch it out, but that HURT! I started again and stopped at 3/4 miles and gimped it all the way home. What a let down. My breathing felt great and I was imagining a 2+mile day.

I realized I didn't write about my last two runs: 2 miles each on Saturday and Monday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Tough Mile

Put in another mile today after work, with Laura and Moxie. Pretty crazy wind and once again I was dragging the whole time. What has happened to me? I did 1.01 miles in 9:49, at least the pace is better than yesterday, and I didn't stop at all. Still, I feel miserable while I run and I hate that I'm losing progress!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Worst Run In A LONG Time

Today was horrible. I shouldn't even bother recording it. I did one mile with Laura in the jogging stroller, and had to stop halfway through to catch my breath. Pathetic! My breathing is terrible and our allergies are on the rampage here, so I hope that's what effected me today. My legs felt like lead, and I just couldn't find a groove today. Took me 10:15 for my mile, just sad. What happened to 2 miles just a few days ago?

Edited to add: I did cut the grass in the backyard after my run, so I guess at least my workout today wasn't too horrible. Still, just one mile? Yuck!

Monday, April 5, 2010

94 Degrees

That is how hot it was at 5pm when I ran. I went after working all day (and therefore standing up all day). I went to the park near my work that has a path, since it was on the way to Angela's house and she was graciously watching Laura for me (Spring Break but no daycare options makes working tough!) My legs felt like lead and my breathing was terrible. Surprised I made it the 1.5 miles that I did. Ran it at a 9:56 pace. Hope my next run is better...can't believe it's so hot already when it was so chilly just a few weeks ago.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Run

Today was basically the perfect running weather: cool, slightly overcast, no humidity, no wind. Like I said-perfect! I wore the new tank top Patty sent me, and it's perfect too. I LOVE running in tank tops, and this one is awesome. It's light, comfy, and I love the color. Laura was sleeping over at the neighbor's house, so I got to run without the jogging stroller which was great. I went for 2 miles and did a 9:47 pace. Moxie was happy to be out, although I noticed she was breathing heavily-she is feeling the effects of my work schedule too.

It felt great to be out today, although right after I walked in the door I got the call that Laura's stomach was hurting, so now I'm not sure what our Saturday will bring. At least I got a run in!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trail Running

Yesterday I was at Ft. Bragg and decided to go check out a trail that a friend had told me about. I found it easily but just as I arrived, about 75 soldiers were lining up for a ruck march. I checked with one nice young man, and he confirmed it was okay for me to run, and that I wouldn't be interrupting their training. The bad part was that I had to run past all of them as I started out--I'm sure you can only imagine what a nice clip I was running at first!

I run exclusively on roads, so it was such a pleasant change to be on a trail. This trail seems to be pretty sandy but it had just rained, so it wasn't too difficult to run on. My shoes got pretty dirty, but it was a lot of fun. Plenty of natural dips on the course, and I ran up one decent hill before stopping to take my jacket off and turning around. I ran 2.4 miles which is a good run for me, and if Ft. Bragg wasn't so far I could see myself going to run that trail every single time. On a hot day running in the shade of all of those trees would be fantastic.

I kept expecting to come upon the marching soldiers, so I forced myself to keep running even though I wanted to walk. My pace was slower than I expected (10:17) but I guess that's okay for a trail. When I finished all of the soldiers were still at the start of the trail, so I cut through the woods to avoid having to run past them while all red-faced, sweaty, and gasping for breath. I'm sure they thought I was crazy, but at least I felt like my dignity and appearance as an actual runner was intact.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slowly But Surely

I feel like I'm making progress getting back into my running routine. I work a short(er) day today so I was able to get out this morning. I did 1.76 miles in 17:20, which was a 9:52 pace. Not too bad considering the wind was so strong that my eyes were watering even with sunglasses on. I also ran on Sunday, with Laura in the jogging stroller, for 1.5 miles. No stopping to walk today, which is always a plus.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Heating Up

Mid-March has arrived and just as I hoped, so did some warmer weather. It is so pleasant today, and Moxie enjoyed basking on the deck for several hours after I got home from work (short day today!) The thing I always forget though, is just how hard it is to run in the direct sunlight, and how a pleasant day with temps in the low 70's can be just horrible for a runner.

I was without Laura today and thought surely I would go farther and faster than yesterday. I did go farther, but only by a 1/2 mile. And I'm pretty sure I went slower too. But at least I got out there, and hopefully I'll go out at least once this weekend. I was so mad that there were so many people out in the neighborhood today at 1:30 (don't these people have jobs!?!?) because it's hard to run slowly and gasp for breath when people are watching. I think I did an ample job of convincing some of them that I'm a legitimate runner. The UPS guy though: he knows my secret. He passed me right as I stopped my run, and I'm sure I looked like I was about to faint and vomit all at the same time. So much for keeping up pretenses.

14:48 time, 1.5 miles, 9:58 pace.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crummy Run

It's been over a week since my last run, and I seem to have lost all ability to run. My breathing hasn't been all that great for the last few weeks, mostly due to me stopping one of my asthma medications (Advair). I read an article in the paper a month ago, talking about the fact that the FDA no longer wants people to take it regularly if they can help it. Naturally that freaked me out and I stopped taking it (still haven't been able to get in to see the doctor to get a replacement medication) and my breathing has been really off since then.

So bad breathing, plus Laura in the stroller and a nearly frantic Moxie by my side made for an awful run. We did about a 1/2 mile before a small dog broke free from it's owners grasp and made a beeline for Moxie. What is it with small dogs trying to attack Moxie? It was so ridiculous how hard it was for the owners to recapture it-we eventually had to stop running completely and stand still for about 3 minutes while they corralled it. The breather was nice, but I really hadn't wanted to stop. Once I started back up, I realized my watch hadn't restarted, so I may have gone a tiny bit farther than what it showed. Too bad it wasn't a mile farther. I finished up, exhausted, gasping for breath, bitter over my 1.05 mile run. Grr. (Plus side: 9:39 pace)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Afternoon Run

My bank training is in full swing, but I got off at 4pm today so I was able to do a quick run. My friend who is watching Laura was at the park with the kids and offered to bring Laura back home for me, so I gladly accepted. I felt like the pressure was on to be done with my run quickly so that I was back home before they got there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, and I felt so comfy in shorts and a t-shirt. Since it had been a few days, plus my hurry to finish, I went out way too fast. As in an 8:30 pace too fast! I paid for it almost instantly, and was breathing heavily the whole time. I stopped at 1.3 miles because I got back to my driveway and Moxie was pulling to go in the backyard. I dropped her off and finished by myself, arriving back home just a few minutes before my friend arrived.

2 miles in 19:40 which was a 9:46 pace. Now I can comfort myself that I got at least one run in this week. It's a great feeling!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Personal Victory!

Today I ran 2.5 miles, something I haven't done since April 7th of last year (yep, I checked my little book). What a victory! The down side is I don't know when I'll get to run again since I'll be working full time for the next two weeks while training for my new job. It seems to be the story of my life...finally get to a point where things are improving (running wise) and then I'm forced to take time off for one reason or another, undoing all of my hard work. Maybe the rest will at least be good for my knee.

Today my run took 25:18, a 10:07 pace, and I didn't stop to walk at all. I felt tired and slow the whole time, and really regretted wearing shorts (reminder: sun doesn't=warm) but I did it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Runs

I was so annoyed with my run on Tuesday that apparently I never even posted about it! I had to seek refuge at the gym since it was cold and hailing. The gym felt like it was about 100 degrees inside and all I could manage was one mile of running. What a disaster! Luckily a friend of mine who goes there confirms that it is kept extremely hot and she also finds it difficult to do any cardio. Luckily it wasn't just me.

Today I was able to get back to my roots-running outside. It was clear, but still cold and windy. I marvel that I was able to run in the 20 degree temps back in December, because it was 44 degrees today and I thought surely I would freeze to death! I did warm up pretty quickly though and had to take off my gloves and long sleeved pullover. I stopped to walk and stretch at the one mile mark, and I wasn't pleased that it took me at least 2 minutes to get running again. My breathing hasn't felt as good as usual lately and it shows. The plus side was my pace of 9:44. I completed my 2.02 miles in 19:39. I love seeing my pace get better, although should I ever run a race again I don't think I'll see such a nice time, since sadly they don't stop the clock when you stop to walk.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quick Mile

I ran today with Laura in the jogging stroller and we all nearly got blown over by the wind! Even with her jacket and blanket, Laura said she was freezing so I knew I had to be quick. I decided to try a 'fast' mile so that I at least felt like I accomplished something. I really was pushing myself hard the whole time, and was pleased to get a mile done in 9:14. Since that was with 35+ pounds of kid and stroller, I think that's pretty darn good.

I definitely couldn't have run another step once I finished, so don't be looking for that as my pace anytime soon. But it's good to know I can do it! Kind of tempted to do another mile sometime next week with just Moxie and see if I can get even lower. Although for all I know, today could have been a fluke and maybe I shouldn't push my luck!

Friday, February 26, 2010

One Week Later

Luckily I can still run after taking a week off! I don't think it helped that I did the 30 Day Shred yesterday and have thighs that are currently so sore I can barely walk down the stairs. My knee felt okay-started out great and at about 1/2 mile it spoke up, just to say, "Hey, remember me? Your knee that hurts sometimes?" I told it that I remembered and kept on going. Maybe it just wanted acknowledgment or something. Made it to 1.25 miles and stopped to walk and stretch and finished out at 2 miles. Not my best ever but glad that 2 miles now seems to be what I do as a minimum. It was really cold today, about 34 degrees and the wind was just ridiculous. Surprised I was able to keep up a decent pace. Overall was 10:01.

Was chased by that stupid miniature pincher again, and once again the owner was outside and did nothing-not even a half-hearted attempt to call the dog back. The more nonchalant they act, the less guilty I'm going to feel one day when I snap and call animal control. I wish we had running trails here where I could run without nearly being run over by cars or chased by loose dogs.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Running Without Moxie

Moxie is off getting a bath today and I decided to carry on without her. It feels SO weird not holding a leash in my hand, and as odd as it sounds, I almost felt off-balance or something. Not like I enjoy always reeling her back in when we run, but I'm definitely used to it. Sadly I didn't manage to go much faster, so my theory of her holding me back isn't true. It was so windy again today, and my left knee is still bothering me-although not enough to get me to stop running!

I ran until 1.75 miles and stopped to walk and stretch, probably for a total of 2 minutes this time. Usually I don't stop for so long, but I wanted to go put my gloves back on the porch. It was definitely hard starting back up again after such a "long" break! I finished out at 2.35 miles and did it in the same time as Wednesday (23:18). My pace was 9:54 which is all thanks to the second part of my run. My pace up until I stopped was hovering around 10:05 but I managed to kick it up a notch for the last .6 miles. Still, it looks good on paper, so I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally Passed 2 Miles

Today I was finally able to push past that 2 mile mark. It was insanely windy, and it's always a bad sign when no matter what direction you run, you're running into the wind. I love seeing Moxie's fur get blown back by the wind, it makes her look so funny and provides a much needed diversion while I run. I don't however enjoy how much I get blown around by the wind. It's funny when it happens to Moxie, but not to me!

I ran 1.75 miles and walked for about a minute and then finished out at 2.31 miles. That was enough to make me happy, and with the wind, an overall pace of 10:06 really thrilled me. It took just over 23 minutes. Can't wait to keep (slowly) increasing my miles.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Running Out Of Titles

It's hard to think up titles when you seem to do the same run day after day. I did like that I got a tiny pun in there though, about running. Ha ha. Anyway, I did 2 miles again without walking. I had planned on stopping to walk at about 1.75 miles and then trying to do an extra 1/2 mile to bump up my mileage, but something told me if I stopped all I was going to be able to manage was an extra 1/4 mile, and I'd rather do 2 straight than walk with 1/4 mile left. So that's what I did. Maybe I can do some extra mileage next time. We'll see.

Today it took me 20:21 which was a 10:09 pace. I'm okay with that. It was pretty windy and when I attempted to do a last little sprint at the end (something drilled into me when I was a kid doing track and field) I basically went nowhere because it was so windy. It was definitely a pathetic sprint.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Truth Hurts

I've been in denial to myself that my left knee hurts, but it definitely does. Luckily it's not bad at all, just persistent. I took Wednesday off from running due to our incredible wind. Downed trees everywhere and debris like you wouldn't believe...not to mention Moxie almost got blown away in the backyard! I also skipped my 30 Day Shred yesterday since we were gone all day, so I had hoped that giving my knee a rest would clear things up. Not totally, but it did help. I'm also making a point to run with traffic in a few less traveled parts of the neighborhood, to hopefully even out the impact on my knees.

Knee issues aside, this was one of my worst runs in a while. The distance and time were fine, I just felt so awful. Usually if I feel crummy I can power through and will feel okay once I stop, but this time just walking back to the house took all of my effort. My breathing was awful and my stomach was not feeling so great. At least I managed to finish, and I didn't do any walking breaks today. Maybe that was the problem.

20:35, 2 miles even. 10:18 pace.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Miles Exactly

Maybe I'm just not ready yet for running two days in a row. Moxie and I set out this morning and immediately I felt exhausted. My lungs felt tight, and my legs were tired and sore. Made it to 1.25 miles and walked for about a minute. Finished out at 2 miles exactly. Funny that just a few days ago I was saying I couldn't stop to seems to have become a habit already. All I could think during the first leg was, "Just make it to the stop sign and you can walk". I think that's all that got me through the first part of the run. Definitely couldn't have done 2 miles if I hadn't taken that break. I wonder if this will be something I do all the time. I don't really mind, although I do want to get to the point where I can run several miles without stopping for any breaks. Not sure why that is so important to me....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Run Takes The Cake

So today will go down in history as my closest call yet while running. It's a beautiful, clear day and after all of our rain it was great to go out. I had Laura in the jogging stroller and Moxie on my right, going against traffic as usual. I was still doing my warm up walk and was walking up a small hill near our house when I heard a loud noise behind me. I looked back to see two cars flying up behind me, driving next to each other! I guess they were racing each other or something. The one coming up behind me was an SUV and the driver slammed on his brakes and was able to stop in time (obviously).

I had a few choice words for him, although being the sweet innocent thing I am, I don't think any of them were curse words. He just sat there laughing at me which was just infuriating! I did my run and wouldn't you know it, ran past the house he was parked at. I memorized his license plate and when I got home called the non-emergency sheriff's number to report it. The bad part is that the operator transferred me to 911 (huh?) and I had to give a full report including all of my info. I requested that my information not be revealed should this person be found, but the operator didn't inspire much confidence that that will happen.

So now, in payment for reporting the fact that I almost got squished today, I get the unsettling feeling of wondering if crazy people are about to find out that I narced on them and get my address. What a great run!

PS. 1.51 miles in 15:28. 10:18 pace. Stopped to walk at 1.25 miles for about 45 seconds.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rainy Day

The rain is coming down hard and I felt absolutely no desire to go in search of a treadmill today. Instead I did day 6 of the 30 Day Shred. At least it was some cardio and strength. It doesn't seem to be getting much easier, although I did notice I was able to go a bit deeper into the lunges than I had been, and the whole workout didn't seem to drag on quite as long as usual. The bummer is that my weight just keeps going up. I know the number shouldn't matter, as long as you're fit, but I don't really notice a difference in my overall fitness yet, and seeing those numbers keep rising is hard.

My goal is to do days 7 and 8 this weekend, and keep my fingers crossed that I can go back to running on Monday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Walk Or Not To Walk

I usually don't do walking breaks while running, only because once I stop to walk, I can never start again. Today I gave it a shot though. I ran 1.25 miles and had quite a stitch in my side, so I stopped and walked for about a minute. I also stretched my calves a bit (or at least I tried to stretch them) and then I started back running. It was really hard the first minute or so-my legs were resisting every step! But I ended up going .8 more, so that was great. My total time was 20:42 with a 10:05 pace (2.05 miles) which I was very pleased with.

Here's a question though-when you stop to walk, do you stop your watch? I did, mostly because I didn't want my overall pace dropping (silly, I know) but I also didn't want the time or distance to count either. I don't start my watch during my workout until my running has started, and I know some people who start their watch right away, and include the warm up walk. I guess it's up the individual.

I forgot to add that I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred! Yesterday was day 5 and it's as hard as ever. I really like it though-it's a hard workout and I can tell it is already starting to change my body.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Relief

Our weekend was full of snow and ice, and therefore, no runs. Our yard was covered in ice the entire time, so I couldn't even send the dog and daughter outside to play. 48 hours of the 3 of us trapped in the's a miracle we all survived. School was canceled today but the roads were clear, so the three of us were able to head out for a run. I don't know if I'm just that out of shape or if Laura is really getting heavier, but pushing her in the jogging stroller is just murder these days.

There were actually a lot of people out walking their dogs so Moxie was pulling a lot. One of our old "friends", a yippy white dog named Max came tearing out of his front yard to try to bite Moxie again. No wonder Moxie likes big dogs so much-it seems like the tiny ones are always after her! The same teenage/20 something kid from last time chased the dog down (all while keeping his cigarette in his mouth) and did apologize. I really wasn't feeling very sympathetic and yelled that his dog was vicious, which in retrospect was probably the wrong thing to say. It's true, the dog is vicious, but that probably only made the kid laugh. I should have said something about calling animal control if his dog tries to bite mine again, but I was too winded to think properly.

Anyway, we made it home, despite being chased later in the run by a miniature pincher. I was happy to even have done a mile, so doing 1.26 in just 12:32 felt like quite a victory. A 9:55 pace with the stroller is pretty good indeed. And at the end of the walk, we saw our doggie friend Chloe (a boxer/pit bull mix) who is such a sweet dog. She and Moxie greeted each other and I got to talk to a grown up for a few minutes. Sweet relief, indeed.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Change Of Scenery

Today Moxie is at the vet getting a bath (just in time for the huge rain/ice storm we are supposed to have tonight!) so I figured I would try to run by Laura's school after I dropped her off. It's in the older part of town and even has sidewalks and everything! There are a fair amount of cars too, and I don't think Moxie would like that very much so I've never tried it before.

The run would have been a lot better if it hadn't been so windy! With the wind and cars whizzing by, my pace hovered around 11 minutes the whole time. Yuck. But it was a nice change to run somewhere else-my neighborhood is so boring! It was weird though not knowing how far along in the run I was. My usual route is so predictable that I usually know about how long I've been running depending on where I am.

Despite some thigh pain from the 30 Day Shred, I managed to do 2 miles today. I forgot to bring my new running shoes with me but was pleased that my legs didn't really bother me. And I got a nice compliment from someone who called me just a few minutes after I got in the car. She said I sounded great, like I hadn't run at all. It got me thinking...I may not run fast or very far, but it is very true that I'm definitely in good enough shape to recover quickly from a 2 mile run. It used to be that I would be dead for 30 minutes after a run. Now I walk a little bit, stretch (thanks to encouragement from Patty!) and just go do my next thing. That's definitely improvement! Total time today, 22:15, 2.01 miles, 11:05 pace.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Much To Say

Other than I did day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I can't tell if it was as hard as day 1. My thighs have been killing me since Sunday, but I was able to do it all (save for a few short breaks at the end). My arms are so pathetic, and my abs too. I don't know if I'm even doing some of the exercises totally correct, but I sure do feel the burn! I wish I was more flexible, but for now worrying about yoga or pilates will just have to wait. Running and 30 Day Shred is enough for now!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Enough With The Wind!

We had a crazy wind and rain storm last night, so crazy that at about 3am my daughter woke up calling me, begging to sleep in my bed. That is a very rare occurrence at our house and I think it demonstrates just how windy it was. The rain has gone and the streets are drying, but the wind remains.

Today was also my first run with my new shoes, and came only about 12 hours after my first day of the 30 day shred. My legs were pretty wobbly, so I decided I would allow myself to take it easy. Too bad that running a shorter distance was still so difficult! It didn't feel like an easy run AT ALL. I only did 1.3 miles and that was it. I hate that my daily runs are the runs someone running a marathon would do to warm up. I know everyone is different, and I've really come to accept that I'm just not built for running, but I wish I could make a little bit more progress than this.

But I don't want to fall into self-pity! I know I'll keep making progress if I keep with it. I'm glad the run was short because my shins didn't have time to really bother me. My calves were really tight and I think that's why my shins usually end up hurting. I definitely need to figure out a way to strengthen my ankles and calves. Hopefully my "shredding" will help!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

30 Day Shred

I seem to go in cycles of fitness, and I'm once again back to being way too plump. Running is great for my heart, lungs, and asthma, but it's not doing squat for my arms, stomach, or rear end. So I gave in and decided to buy a workout DVD. I chose the 30 Day Shred from one of the trainers from "The Biggest Loser", a show I've never watched but have always wanted to.

According the video, and all the die-hard fans, you're supposed to do it for 30 days straight. I'll just say right now: that ain't happening. I want to keep up with my running, and plus it just doesn't seem smart to me to work out for 30 days straight. But that's just me. I had a really busy day today and didn't have time until about 9pm to do the workout, but I was determined to get it done.

Let me just say that I knew I was weak sauce, but I didn't realize I was that weak. There are 3 different levels, and I of course started on level 1. Each workout is 20 minutes, broken into 3 different circuits. Each circuit is 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. That sounds so easy on paper! Well it just about killed me. It is seriously so tough! I did the whole workout, but had to stop during a few of the arm exercises to rest (she said you can rest for 5 seconds if you have to). I knew my arms are my weakest spot, and now they are just like jello after that workout.

I will definitely keep up with the video, it was a lot of good exercise crammed into 20 minutes. I even made sure to take my "before" picture, which was inspiration enough to get cracking. I hope I'll see some results in a month or two!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Hate The Treadmill

Today was such a crummy run! It's still raining and wet, so I went to Ft. Bragg today in search of a treadmill to run on. The first gym I went to was closed, and the resulting trek to find another gym was so frustrating. The gym I finally found was boiling hot inside and I had to resist the urge to take all my clothes off-it was that hot. Even worse, everything seemed to be bothering me-my ankles, my knees, my shins, my calves. I thought for sure running on a treadmill would be easier on them.

I ran a mile at a 10:31 pace and had to stop and walk because my left shin was really killing me. I think part of the problem is that my shoes are old, but it occurred to me that when I sprained my ankle in December it was a different sprain than I'm used to-it was more on the top of my ankle, not the side. So it seems to get tight when I run which doesn't allow me to flex my foot all the way, which makes my calf and shin get really tight and painful. I'm going to try to search out some ankle exercises to do something about this, because when I ran on Wednesday it was just as painful. I really don't want to stop running after I've been doing so well, but even I have to admit it wouldn't be smart to keep running when my shin hurts so much.

After I walked for a few minutes I ran another .7 miles. Wow. So I did 1.7 miles running, but 2.25 overall, in 27:27. Yuck. And why does 10:31 pace on the treadmill seem so much faster than when I run outside? Overall, a really dissatisfying run.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurts So Good

After a rainy weekend, we've been blessed with sun and temperatures in the 50s! I wore shorts and a t-shirt on my run, and got pretty toasty, and cursed myself for wishing for warmer weather. What will I do when it's in the 90s and humid? The wind was strong again today but I found that I started out pretty quickly and was determined not to let my pace drop into the 10s. On top of that I also wanted to run at least 2 miles. So what's a girl to do? Nearly kill herself to make it happen, of course.

I'm pleased to say that I managed it and even managed to drag myself back inside and collapse in the privacy of my own home. I did 2.03 miles is 20:04 which is a pace of 9:54. My first mile was 9:49. I definitely felt like I was running very fast the whole time so I doubt I'll see those numbers again any time soon. But it felt great to hit the 2 mile mark again, finally. I've also decided I need new running shoes-I was looking at pictures last night from our Disney World trip in May and saw I was wearing the same shoes I still wear. Probably time for new pair, especially since I don't wear them just as running shoes. But that's a whole other issue, and I won't complain here about my lack of comfy but cute shoes.

Friday, January 15, 2010


That is what I said several times on this run. What a disaster! It's a bit warmer today, about 42 I think, and the wind is really low so I quickly got too hot with my vest on and decided to return home to drop it on my porch. Moxie apparently misinterpreted my intentions and ran right in front of me, causing me to trip. Luckily I didn't fall, but the whole debacle made her so nervous that she acted skittish the rest of the run.

On top of that I went a different way today that had way too many inclines for my taste. I started to get really hot with all my gear on and found myself carrying quite a bit of it in my hands. Moxie continued to act weird and when we finally stopped running, I found out why-she immediately stopped and pooped more than I have ever seen her poop at once. I always carry a bag with me but have only had to use it one other time. The bag I had today was actually on the smaller side and couldn't even contain everything!! It was disgusting. I had to scoop it up in the bag and carry it in my hand, all the way back home. There was no way for me to tie it shut and at least dangle it down so I feel like I'm just carrying a bag of groceries or something. Oh no! I basically carried home a pile of poop in my hand with only a tiny plastic bag as a barrier.

The moment I got to my doorstep I realized I had left my gloves back at the poop site. I had to jump in the car to go back and retrieve them. On the way I noted that I had walked 3/10ths of a mile with the poop-not that far, except when you're carrying a pile of dog poop. What an awful run. All told 19:44, 1.91 miles, 10:20 pace. I don't know if I'll be able to match that next time I run.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


For whatever reason, my right knee decided to start hurting last night. It felt okay at the start of my run, but started feeling sore again midway through. I have no idea what's wrong since I didn't do anything to it! Luckily I was able to complete my run, but it doesn't feel so great right now. It seems to be my kneecap.

It was cold again today so I used my daughter's little scarf to cover my mouth while I warmed up. I probably looked so ridiculous, but it kept some of the cold air away! I went past my house and left it there and completed the run, albeit rather slowly today. After I was done, I walked for a bit and then jogged another minute or two, just to get my body used to running again after a walking break. Usually my legs lock up and I simply can't run once I stop to walk or even tie my shoe. That certainly won't do for longer distances, so hopefully I can start getting more used to it.

19:19 minutes, 1.81 miles, 10:41 pace

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Tiny Bit Warmer, And A Tiny Bit Farther

So it's maybe a few degrees warmer today, and I ran a tiny (like .03 miles) farther than Friday. But that's fine, I'm keeping up with my goal of always doing the same or more distance as the day before (except when I have Laura with me).

Today, I ran for 18:41 which was 1.79 miles at a 10:25 pace. I'm very pleased that one of my fastest paces of the morning was running up the small incline by my house. Also good? The fact that once I stopped and was doing my cool down walk, I decided to jog for a moment to see how it felt, and it felt just fine. I probably could have gone again for about a 1/2 mile, which isn't far, but usually I feel like I can't run another step once I'm done. I think one day this week I'll have to give it a try, running my full course then walking for a bit and starting again. That might be just the ticket to bump up my endurance!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Jogging Stroller

I think today was one of the last days I'll be able to push Laura in the jogging stroller. She weighs close to 35 pounds now and with the stroller, that's more than a wimp like me can handle. Not to mention she barely fits in it anymore...she may weigh only as much as a normal 3 year old, but in height she is definitely 5! When you add in a winter jacket and blanket, she is so scrunched in there that I feel bad for her.

All that to say, I ran again today and with the wind and Laura it was a struggle. I knew I wouldn't be able to run as much as I did yesterday, but that was okay. Total of 15:16, 1.42 miles at a slow 10:45 pace. But on the bright side, I ran 4 times this week! I should be able to do the same schedule again next week which is great. Hopefully on Monday I'll match Friday's run or do a bit more. Just one week ago I did 1.01 miles and Friday I did 1.76. I hope I'll continue improving at that rate!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I happy to report that there was no snow on the ground this morning, as the weather man predicted (I really didn't believe it would happen though). So Laura was able to go to school and I was able to run. Three times this week so far, I'm so happy! It was definitely a bit warmer today, about 42 degrees, and would have felt great if it weren't for the wind. I checked online and it said the winds were 24mph, which I don't know if that's high or not, but it made it feel like 28 degrees-or so said

I didn't so much mind the cold, but the wind was just a killer. It was blowing from the north and a lot of my course takes me that way, so it was slow going. I think I need to get a little wrap to put around my neck so I can cover my nose and mouth when I'm first starting out-the cold air is just murder on my lungs. Today though I warmed up a lot more and had to take off my vest which I then unfortunately had to carry all the way home. I went a bit farther than normal to force me to run more, and I ended up covering 1.76 miles. I'm definitely happy with that! Total time running was 18:46, at a slooow 10:41 pace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

27 Degrees

That's the temperature right now, although it's actually probably a few degrees lower with the wind chill. And yes, I ran! I REALLY didn't want to, but I wanted to stay on my schedule, plus all my holiday eating has caught up with me big time and I am not pleased with my new, higher weight or my much larger muffin top.

I had a lot harder time today than Monday. My shins were killing me and my legs felt so heavy. The cold air seemed to be cutting my lungs so I was forced to run with my gloved hand over my mouth until I warmed up a bit. I also realized today that I don't have very good cold weather gear, so I had to wear a puffer vest that definitely isn't meant for running. It was very bulky, but it definitely helped.

My plan to never run less than the time before almost did me in as I struggled to at least run 1.5 miles. In the end I did the exact same distance as Monday (1.53 miles) in more time (16:19). But I managed it and will hopefully run again on Friday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Outlook

Well, not really, but the title sounds catchy! I suppose my new outlook this year is to make running more of a priority in my life. Last year if I only ran once a week, I didn't really get too bothered by it until I ran the next time and realized I wasn't making any progress. This year I've run twice already (that's not saying much, I know) and both runs were hard but satisfying. It feels good to be outside, running in the freezing cold and getting weird looks from passing drivers. I feel proud of myself for taking care of my health and my dog's health, even if all we can manage is 1.5 miles.

I'm using my excuse of still recovering from being sick, so my run on Saturday was about 10 minutes and my run today was 15:52 with 1.53 miles covered (10:23 pace). I'm definitely happy with that and am going to try to run again on Wednesday to keep up this schedule.