Saturday, January 31, 2009

HMP the mythical 1.8 miles "busted"....

So maybe I watch too much mythbusters... but today Ed, Olga, Laith and I went to the park. Olga was on her new bike, Laith in his stroller... me with my handy dandy GPS (Garmin Forerunner 201 series). We started right at the split and did the large loop first, then Ed and Olga dropped out to go play on the swings and Laith and I continued. I took the loop and figured eight back around... GPS says it's 1.5 miles at best. I say at best because on the first loop I would walk ahead and then double back a bit to "catch back up" to Olga and Ed. It wasn't a lot of extra steps but still enough so I'm not sure that the 1.53 on my GPS really doesn't mean 1.48 or whatever... But my average pace was about a 22 minute mile (am I a speed racer or what?) and when I was with Laith by ourselves I was clocking a 19 minute mile.. whhoo hoo.... 1.5 down.... We'll see what Monday has in store...

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I decided today was as good as any day to start exercising. After all it's been 9 whole days since I gave birth to my 5.7 lb bundle of joy. I walked a mile (yes that's right ONE mile) in 24 minutes. Although in my defense the dog was with me and I had to stop to pick up some poop and I did stop to talk to a neighbor for a minute or so. I don't know for certain if I could have walked any faster but I believe so therefor it must be true. It felt good but I'm tired now. One mile seemed like a good start after 3 months of bed rest and no physical activity for almost 6 months because of my pregnancy issues. I guess I'll use a mile as my base and see where I can go from there. Hopefully running will soon follow, but I definitely wasn't ready for that today.

Yesterday....and an invitation to slap me....

So this feels like Groundhog Day...I did run yesterday, same routine as Monday (track work, evil torture, then just over a mile of running). Knee pain is definitely less, so I'm off today, will run tomorrow, and then hopefully try for a 1.5 mile run on Sunday....

By the way, feel free to slap me around (figuratively speaking of course...if any of you actually slapped me I'd cry) about my distance....I'm having a REALLY hard time taking it slow, but as you can see, I'm trying. So if I tell you that I'm going to run five miles (which I'm not sure I could actually do at this point given the fact that my cardio fitness has suffered lately) or that I actually have run more than is advisable, feel free to speak up!  And just so you know, I'm up for slapping you all around as well in the name of smart running...In fact, it would be my pleasure... ;-)  

Hope Mills Park Loop

I ran again today at the park and I have to say I'm really starting to like it there. The ground feels softer underfoot (even though that's probably just my imagination) and I love seeing other people out exercising. The warmish weather today really brought a lot of people out. Plus it's a nice change from my neighborhood.

So I heard from a reliable source (aka Angela) that to do the 1.8 miles that they advertise, you have to run a figure 8. After my relatively "fast" mile there on Tuesday, I decided to attempt the entire 1.8 miles. I felt like I was moving so slowly. Moxie was begging me to go faster but I just couldn't. The only time I mustered any speed was when I ran past the police officers who were standing outside on a break. Having about 10 of them clustered around the path sure inspired me to look like a pro. Maybe I should pay them to scatter themselves around the track?

Anyway, I was shocked to look at my time and see I had done the 1.8 miles in 16:15! I have to say there is really no way that is possible so I'm kind of questioning if I actually did the full 1.8 miles. I can't think what other combination would add up to the 1.8 miles, so I want to think I am actually that fast. But it's really too good to be true.

I walked for a few minutes after finishing the loop, then ran for 4 more minutes for 20 minutes of running. I guess for the ego boost I will tell myself I really was that fast today, until I am proven wrong the next time I run.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Possible Lung Damage

Okay, so I'm just being dramatic. But after today's attempt at a run, it sure feels like I collapsed one of my lungs or something. I took Moxie to the Hope Mills Park for a change of pace and some relatively flat ground (except that one dreaded "hill"). I also wanted to get an idea of my mile time, since Angela says the outer loop is 1.02 miles. I did have Moxie dragging me along, which I thinked both helped and hurt me. I seem to run faster when I have her, but I also have more distractions to deal with from keeping her in line. That tends to use up any meager amount of energy I was conserving for the run.

So I did the first loop in 10:10, which I was happy with. Of course 8:30 would have been even better, but for now I am happy. I really pushed myself at the end and that is when the lung pain started. Usually if I'm short of breath I feel tight and a slight burn. This time was extreme burn and a sharp pain that still hasn't completely gone away. But I have to admit I was so happy to be out running that I basically ignored the pain. That's what real runners do, right?

In the end, I ran for 15 minutes straight, walked 3, and then ran 4 more to finish the second loop. So that was about 2 miles today. I'm glad I finally had a chance to go out again, but I feel like I am starting over yet again.

An easier mile....

Pending writing deadlines, dry cleaning, library books, a hair cut and homework prevented a prompt post yesterday, but now I have a moment, so here we go...

I did my strides and drills yesterday around the track at the gym, headed to the evil torture machine for 12 minutes of non-impact cardio (seriously, I know people like elliptical machines, but the question is...WHY? :-), and then to the treadmill. I set the timer for 18 minutes, to ensure a 30-minute workout over all. I walked for two minutes, ran for 12 minutes or so, and then walked the rest of the time. I ran slower than I did the other day (between a 10-minute and 11-minute mile), but the pain on my knee was minimal - much better than the last time I ran!!  It feels so good to see definite improvement, and to actually run again!  I can tell though that my fitness level has declined though from not running as much, but that's ok - I'm back on track!

Oh, and about this "new" way of running based on the advice of the personal's starting to feel a bit more normal, but as I got a little tired, I really had to focus on doing the right things. Funny thing is, my knee would start to hurt just a tiny bit so I'd focus on running the right way, and the pain would stop.  I can't wait until I can just run without thinking about it!  

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have to count it....

Just a quick note to say that I have to count this as worthy of a post.... Ed and I walked the mile loop around HM Park, and let Shelby ride her bike. So, it was a walk not a run, but I think it's all part of the process of getting back to running four or five miles (did I really do that just two months ago? :-( )...Anyway, no knee pain, lots of fresh air, and family fun... What more could I ask for?  Well, I suppose I could ask for a five-mile run by myself, but I won' least I won't today.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Hate It When I'm Right

Just as I suspected yesterday, I'm getting sick. My breathing is horrible, I'm exhausted, and I think I have an ear infection (of all things). I know this sounds pathetic and whiny, but this is our running blog and I'm not running, so yes, I came here to whine.

I had planned on at least doing the yoga video today but even that sounded like too much. Here it is 8:30 on a Friday, and I'm ready for bed. Angela and I talked today about how we just need to accept these minor setbacks as a part of life. We run because we enjoy it and for the health benefits, but we aren't running to stay alive. If we miss a few days (or weeks), it's not the end of the world. At the same time, it really is frustrating being kept from doing something we enjoy.

Maybe we should just accept it that January is going to be a bad month, and start looking towards February as our comeback!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Decent Mile....

I ran a decent mile today....that's the entirety of my update. 

Ok, not really, but it pretty much sums it up! I did my "track work" (can you tell I like saying this? makes me feel all kinds of official! :-), stretched, did 12 minutes on the elliptical machine, which from now on will be referred to as "evil torture device," stretched again, walked for five minutes on the treadmill, and then ran one mile....yep, exactly one mile, at a nine-minute-mile pace. My knee hurt quite a bit during the last two minutes, but this is undoubtedly progress as Claire can attest to....she's seen me limping along, running in thirty-second spurts, cussing, and trying not to cry all at the same time....not my finest moment, but someday I'll tell Shelby these stories and she'll think her mom is (was?) cool and tough at least for a day....right?

I won't mention the fact that a kid 15 years younger than my youthful and repetitive 29 (stop laughing....) was running at a 7.8 pace on the treadmill beside me....and when he was done he'd gone about five miles. Yes, I looked, yes, I wanted to run that fast, and no, I actually didn't know the treadmill pace went that high....

Another bad idea...

Maybe the cold is going to our brains, forcing us to make suspect choices?  I ordered the "Speedy Gonzales" at lunch yesterday thinking it would make me run faster. In fact, it did not. Instead, I did my track work (please note the professional athlete talk) with a taco and an enchilada in my stomach....As it turns out, this was a very bad idea...

But hey, it was a lunch meeting, I ordered the "chicken" version of the enchilada, and I drank lots and lots of water... For the record though, my healthy eating self has returned as of last night so all is well once again!

Bad Idea

Here is the equation I came up with today while running. You may remember it from your math classes in school.

Snow on the ground+36 degrees+iPod with no power+loose dogs taunting my dog+partially ripped off big toenail+already feeling sick=why would anyone be so foolish as to run?

The foolish person in this story is me. Luckily I came to my senses quickly and returned home right away. Today's summary is as follows:

Time ran: 10.5 minutes (out for 15 altogether)
Length: Probably a mile, maybe a bit more. I had to run fast to get away from the loose dogs!
How I felt: Very, very cold.

I hate to go too long without running, and today seemed like the first feasible day. Just standing outside it doesn't really feel that cold, but once I started running I could really feel it. Every breath was just killing my already pathetic lungs, so I headed back home. I guess it was better than nothing, although I'm not feeling so great right now. Hopefully I didn't just make myself even sicker!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Running Miracle!

Ok, so that's a just felt like the thing to say....

I do have progress to report though. I did my drills and strides at the indoor track today, much to the dismay of the old ladies also walking on this track. I can't decide if the strides made me look like a star athlete (this is what I'm choosing to fact, I actually pretended as much so I wouldn't focus on my image in the glass windows) or a lame horse that had been hit with a tranquilizer and was fighting it. I'll be happy to demonstrate for you all, and let you make the call...I'm not too proud to look like an idiot in the name of better running!

Anyway, I then followed up my track performance with about ten minutes on the treadmill at various speeds until I felt my knee.  No, I'm not leaving a word out....just "felt" my knee and hit the "Stop" button faster than I ate the last brownie yesterday while standing in the pantry hiding from my family!  You don't have to tell this girl twice...if it starts to hurt, STOP! Or at least stop right now....and run through the pain later...maybe...if I'm in the middle of a marathon! :-)

Oh, and the arch of my right foot also cramped today. What fun!  In fact, it seems like the fun never stops, if we're calling roadblocks to running "fun" these days. I know, I know..."I'll laugh about this later," right? Maybe....and maybe snake meat really does taste like chicken too....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Personal Training Session

I spent an hour with a personal trainer yesterday in a desperate attempt to solve my knee problem....and maybe that happened!?  This guy was great - not the usual "I have big muscles so I'm obviously smarter than you" type of personal trainer (thinking about the guy at the gym here...he's SO obnoxious....) - and he really seemed to know what he was talking about. After watching me run, which was good fun :-), he said that my foot placement (where my foot lands when I run) was off. So, he had me do drills and strides to fix the problem.  Honestly, I could tell a real difference, which leads me to believe this guy is onto something. We'll see though....

I'm worried about not being able to remember the stuff he told me, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I don't want to have to go back to see this guy unless I absolutely have to. Pinehurst is a good drive, even if I am going for work, and personal training isn't free! :-)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Generic Run

I feel like I should have a template where I fill in my time, length I ran, and how I felt. It seems like that is all I ever write about! But I guess it's good, this blog defintely holds me accountable.

Time Ran: 22:30
Length: 2 miles (according to Google Maps)
How I Felt: Crummy.

I ran with my husband, dog, and daughter, and we started off strong. We went a different way that featured two "hills" and pleny of gentle up-slopes. It was very challenging! Towards the end I was barely moving at all, it was really quite pathetic. As my mother-in-law says, at least I was out there!! :)

I just need to know though, when is it going to get easier or better? When will I run two miles and not collapse? When will I actually feel like I'm losing weight or getting shape?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


So this isn't about running, but since I've been bitter about running (and not working out as my own way of "pouting" about the whole thing...yes, I know...very mature...) I must post anyway. I'm sick of the cold weather and I'm sick of not being able to run, so it wasn't a surprise when Ed gently pointed out that I was being crabby this morning. In an effort to improve my mood, he suggested that we go for a swim!  It was exactly what I needed to feel warm and get moving again - it was wonderful, and I feel so much better!  I almost feel as though I've exercised! :-) And bonus - Ed's gone for a bit and Shelby's napping on the couch because swimming wears a kid out, so I'm going to enjoy QUIET and read!  

BTW, we didn't swim in the backyard (I know, I know...duh!) - we went to the Health Plex and paid for a day pass. It cost a total of $33 - $15 each for me and Ed and $3 for Shelby - which is kind of a lot for an hour or so of swimming, but I figured it was worth it considering I was in such desperate need of an attitude adjustment. And, we'd have spent that much at the movies between tickets and popcorn - this way I was exercising (ok, playing...) instead of sitting on my rear for two hours shoving my face! :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hi! I'm Shana. I kind of invited myself to join the blog so that when I start running again I have some accountability (Thanks Angela for letting me!). I still believe that after 3 months of bedrest and 5+ months of no physical exercise (complications during my pregnancy) that as soon as I deliver (I'm due 30 Jan) I will magically transform back into a runner... POOF I can run 10 minute miles with the greatest of ease. HAHA. I don't think I've ever RUN a 10 minute mile with EASE. SO I just wanted to introduce myself so everyone would know who I am when I start this journey back into the running world.

My name is Shana, I am active duty Air Force (stationed at Pope) and have a wonderful husband (also an Ed) and a beautiful little 3 1/2 year old princess named Olga. We are expecting a boy (Laith) on 30 Jan and I expect to be running that next week (I never said I was practical). Anyway, thanks for letting me join the group... I'll only talk about running from now on. I just received the book "The Runners diet" from my recent Runners World renewal so I'm looking forward to combining diet and runs to shed the 50 or so pounds I'll need to shed (I did mention I'm a bottomless pit right now didn't I?) once Laith arrives.

Happy running!


Two Miles Is My Max

I ran today and had some shin pain for a good portion of the run. Not fun! I moved pretty slowy but took a different route that seemed a bit longer, hoping to extend my distance and time. I did go a tiny bit longer than last time for a total of 22 minutes of running. But when I hopped into the car and drove the course, I found out that once again, it was exactly 2 miles!! It seems like my body just can't do any more than that these days. Or maybe my internal radar (was that what you called it Angela?) simply won't allow me to do more!

I'm glad I'm doing 2 miles, and it is definitely hard work, but I'm always left feeling unsatisfied at the end. I wish I could run more. I also want to move faster. My pace seems to be 10 minutes for the first mile, 11 or 12 for the second. Doing 10 minute miles consistently would be great, and 9 minutes would be even better! I'd better not get too greedy though. For now continuing to do 2 miles at least 4 times a week is my goal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Claire is so nice to me....

Claire is so nice to me. She came to my house for a "run" and ended up walking beside me as I complained incessantly about my knee, and tried not to scream out of frustration. We covered 3.1 miles, and it took us (well, me really...again, Claire was being nice) 45 minutes. The weather is beautiful so that helped, and since I've not seen her in awhile, the catching up was wonderful, but if this knee doesn't get better soon, I'm going to go crazy.....oh, and I got to meet Claire's furry little buddy, Moxie who is, as it turns out, a good walking partner! :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting There....

I pushed myself hard today, which was both good and bad. I managed to run for 20.5 minutes with no breaks, a definite improvement over the last few days, but I worry that I overdid myself and won't do as well next time. Either way though, I guess I'm glad I did a straight run today. It's encouraging to know that I won't always need to walk halfway when I run. It was really windy today and my breathing was bad, so it was really very tough. Not to mention the UPS guy driving by right as I was about to finish...I didn't want him to see me stop, so I have him to thank for the extra 30 seconds on my run.

I drove my course after I ran and it was almost exactly 2 miles, just a hair under. So that makes me really happy with my pace. Am I finally running a little bit faster? I felt like I was going slower than ever before but my first mile was under 10 minutes. Almost unheard of for me! Obviously I can't sustain that pace though since my second mile was slower. But still. Victory in our time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Running With A Stroller-Just As Hard As I Remembered!

My husband is off golfing today with an old college friend, so Laura figured we would fill our time with some outdoor activities. First on the list was a run for me, since I seem to be on an "every three days" runing schedule. I don't really like that, but I guess it's better than nothing!

It has been a really long time since I've had to push Laura in the stroller so that added some extra work. But managing her in the stroller and the dog on the leash was much easier than I expected, and it was nice to be out with Laura again. I did 4 minutes warm up walking, ran 11 minutes, walked 3.5 minutes (would have been less if a man with 3 dogs hadn't been walking by-Moxie was awesome, but I didn't want to taunt the dogs by running past them with mine), then ran for 9 more minutes. Did a long walk on the end for a total of 32 minutes.

This was a tough run for me and I felt pretty tired at the end. I was pleased with my running though and at one point even managed to sprint up one of our neighborhood "hills". It's really just a long upward slope, but definitely a work out to sprint up pushing a stroller. Laura said I was running "as fast as Daddy" which was probably untrue but flattering nonetheless.

I plan on running tomorrow to get on a better schedule. Every three days is too infrequently for me!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taking a new approach...

Since I'm limited to two-mile runs for the moment, I'm going to try something different. I'm training with my heart rate monitor as my guide. I'm trying to keep my heart rate within a certain zone, and to do so, I've found that I have to actually walk at certain points to keep it from going too high. This allows me to continue to baby my knee, but I still feel like I'm doing something productive. I ran (with a few minutes of walking) just over 2 miles today....knee felt ok - not perfect - and I still felt like I had a workout. And the wonderful weather is a definite bonus - it felt so good just to be outside!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I avoided the blog...

For the first time ever, I avoided the blog yesterday.... I had a terrible run - my knee hurt the entire time, and to even call what I did "running" would be extremely generous - and I was so frustrated by the whole thing, I couldn't even begin to post.

But, today is another day.....and I'm going to try it again. It must be noted that I made a visit to the chiropractor this morning (he said I ran too far, and has now limited me to two-mile runs for the next ten days) and I've also made an appointment with my primary care doctor for Monday morning. I'm working at this from all angles, and trying to be a grown-up about my running in the process. It also must be noted that this SUCKS and I'm bitter. But we knew that already, right?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick Run

I have a dental appointment this morning and therefore didn't have too much time to run. But since running is only part of the equation, I made sure to allot enough time for blogging too. So the rundown: walked 3 minutes, ran 9, walked 3, ran 8, walked 3. I felt like I was moving pretty quickly too, but who knows. My dog still just trots next to me when I run, no actual running is ever done on her part! I was done in 26 minutes, covered about 2 miles and did it all in 5 minutes less than on Monday.

It will definitely be a while until I'm back to running 3 miles straight, but I think I'm on the right track.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This morning....

I have a lunch meeting Mi Casita...and the thought of running with a stomach full of Mexican food is not all that appealing! So I ran this morning, just to get it done, and had a great time! It felt so good to be really running again!! I was on the treadmill for 36 minutes - walked 3 minutes, ran 30 minutes, walked 3 minutes - and covered 3.37 miles. The best part is that most of my running, with the exception of just the first few minutes, was at a 10-minute mile pace, and I kept my breathing under control and felt comfortable the entire time. Next time, I'm going to try to remember my heart rate monitor to gauge how much I was really "working" though.

Now my goal is to build back up to 4 miles and/or 40 minutes of running....but not until next week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am officially started.....

I officially started training today. I meant to start yesterday but it did not happen for various reasons. I was however, awake at 445 today in anticipation. I woke up when Malcolm's alarm went off at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep. I hope this is not a habit. I will have to conform to doing running and yoga BEFORE the kids get up at 6:30. How disgusting would that be?

My run/walk went really well. By the end my legs were tingling and I felt like I had had a really good performance. I did the 2min run w/ 4 min walk x4. I am really happy with myself. And I have already had 2 glasses of water and the sun is not even up. Way ahead of the game today!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back on track!

Not the best run today, but I don't CARE!  It was a run!  I struggled with my breathing due to my still present cold, and can tell that I've backtracked a bit in terms of endurance, but I'm running. I walked longer than I usually do, about 5 minutes, and then I ran for about 18 minutes and then walked to finish up at 30 minutes. Covered 2.51 miles....not anywhere close to my best, but way better than anything I've done in a couple of weeks, so I'll take it. Tomorrow is an off day, and then back to it on Wednesday. I can't wait!!!

Asthma Strikes Again

My asthma is acting up again, but this time it's all my fault. I let one of my crucial asthma meds run out, and I was without it all weekend. It goes to show how much good Advair does for me, because 3 days without it and I am a pathetic mess.

Regardless, whether through extreme devotion or sheer stupidity, I was determined to get out today and do something. I haven't run since last year (so long ago!) and now that everyone is back to work and school, I don't really having any excuses-not breathing doesn't count.

In part because of my breathing and in part because I felt like I never really recovered after my sickness in November, I decided to start the "Couch to 5K" program over again, about halfway through. I picked week 5, since it seemed doable, although I may have picked the wrong week since by the end of the week I'm supposed to be running 20 minutes without stopping. Sadly, that seems really hard right now!

Today was run 5 minutes and walk 3 minutes. I did a 3 minute warm up walk, then did the rotation 3 times for a total of 15 minutes of running. I then did a long cool down walk, mostly since I had the dog with me and wanted to give her some more time out. I was out for 31 minutes, which I was pleased with. I'm running about the same amount of time I was over the last few weeks, but I'm out and moving a whole bunch more. Plus when I got home, Moxie and I played in the backyard for a few minutes which bumped up my "work out" a bit more.

To be honest, I am disappointed by this setback. I wish I was able to run 30 minutes without stopping like I was (oh so briefly) a while ago. But I think my bad runs were really discouraging me, so much so that I went 4 days without running and really didn't care. That's not the attitude I want to have. I'll admit, today was tougher than I had hoped it would be, but I met the goal I set for myself and that feeling of satisfaction helped offset the disappointment of starting over.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Posting, because I have nothing to post??!!

Again, my family is wonderful and I love them very much, but I'm so excited for tomorrow to arrive. Shelby's back to school, Ed's back to work, and I get my house and routine back for working, healthy eating and working out!  So here's to lots of posting this week....

Friday, January 2, 2009

And we're off!!!!

After a few days delay, I got on the treadmill today. It was really great!!!! I was afraid I would be all out of shape but I guess I don't give myself the credit I should. Chasing after 2 kids has kept me in better shape than I thought. I walked and felt so good I went ahead and ran a little bit. I was afraid if I started too hard, I would hurt all over tomorrow. But my short run went really great. I was going through alot of programs to test it out so have no idea how far I really ran. Not far I am sure but I am ecstatic that I was not foaming at the mouth out of breath. I did run several minutes at a time and felt good. I am such a surprise to myself. It has been over a year for sure since I ran last. This is really great!!!

The treadmill does have an iFit program to train you for long distance running. I am going to have to check that out. Not sure how much that costs. A trainer you can turn off and nice.

I also went online and found Omega Sports that does shoe analysis. I will go in and check on them next week. My shoes are definately not for running. I got onto Runner's World website and never knew there was so much to learn about shoes!! Go figure!!!

Follow-up to last post....

Turns out, my newest pair of running shoes are fine - I just need to add arch support insoles, which I've already purchased...  Back to running for me next week. Hopefully I'll have kicked this cold by then, and will feel like my usual self!  

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sleeping in tents....

Just a warning...this post isn't about a run, and I'm guessing it's going to be long. It is, however, related to my running, and the topic we're all sick of at this knee. 

Ever since my knee started hurting, which was in mid-December, I had a sneaking suspicion that it all was related to my hips. My right hip has been really tight, my lower back has been bothering me (nothing new though, so no reason for me to be alarmed), and I just felt "off" when I ran, as if my right leg was striding farther than my left, if that doesn't sound crazy. I really noticed all of this after the night I slept with Shelby in a "tent" she and Ed made in her room. My hip bones dug into the floor all night, and at 4:30 am when I finally gave up and moved to a real bed, my left hip really hurt!  My knee began hurting that week, the 5K came and went, and I've been limping along ever since. 

So yesterday, New Year's Eve Day no less, I was so annoyed with my inability to run and was too impatient to wait for my doctor's appointment next week. I googled chiropractors, called one that specializes in sports injuries, and believe it or not, got an appointment at 4PM yesterday afternoon. He did the whole evaluation thing, and guess what he found?  My right hip (the one that killed me during the tent sleeping experience) was "locked up," whatever that means, and it was causing my left hip to be tight, and was likely contributing to my knee pain. He did an adjustment on me (as in, popping my hips back into place!), and my knee and the muscles in my leg felt instantly better. I'm not kidding. It wasn't all better, but I could tell a difference right away. And this morning, my  knee feels completely better...we'll see as the day goes by. Now I'm not saying I'm totally healed, but I feel like I did BEFORE I started having knee issues! I also got a few stretching exercises to do, which I'm sure will also help.

I'm going back tomorrow and he's going to also look at my running shoes and my feet, and do an analysis to make sure I'm wearing the right shoes for my arch, etc. I'm so excited about the fact that I feel better, and I may be back to running "real" runs soon!

Oh, and one more thing - the chiropractor mentioned that he'd seen several people after the 5K on December 20, because of those ridiculous hills! :-)

Hopefully, the next thing I post is about either a great run, or a great appointment tomorrow!